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Online exam revision of 450 questions preparing you for the Rheumatology SCE. In collaboration with the British Society for Rheumatology, sponsored by AbbVie.

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Rheumatology SCE | Resource Overview

450 Questions

Clinically-rich questions reflective of the exam blueprint and ‘best of five’ format. Feel confident with the exam's question types, style and difficulty.

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Rheumatology SCE Preparation | Topics Covered

This online Rheumatology SCE revision resource is the first of its kind and allows you to study via categorised revision. The resource mirrors the MRCPUK's exam blueprint and is divided into the following topics:

Paediatric and adolescent rheumatology

Clinical science and pharmatology

Adult metabolism and bone disease

Adult infection, neoplasia and miscellaneous

Adult connective tissue disorders

Adult osteoarthritis, soft tissue, regional, widespread pain

Adult inflammatory arthritis (including crystal arthropathies)

Resource Editor

Dr Rizwan Rajak | Consultant Rheumatologist

“This is an excellent question bank for those looking to undertake the Rheumatology SCE with a large number of questions covering the broad range of rheumatology conditions, treatments and guidelines. I know this resource will challenge you and prepare you well for the exam, and your career in rheumatology too.”
Rheumatology SCE | Resource Editor

Resource Authors

Dr Rizwan Rajak Consultant Rheumatologist

Dr Emyr Humphreys Consultant Rheumatologist

Dr Charlotte Rawlings Rheumatology Lecturer (University Hospital of Wales)

Dr Syed Farhan Consultant Rheumatologist

Dr Julian Nash Consultant Rheumatologist

Dr Gui Tran Consultant Rheumatologist

Dr Asim Khan Rheumatology/GIM Speciality Registrar ST5

Dr Mithun C.B. Assistant Professor, Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology

Dr Anupama Nandagudi Consultant Rheumatologist, Osteoporosis Lead, Physician Associate Lead

Dr Adrian Tan Consultant Rheumatologist and Lead Consultant for the Osteoporosis Service

Rheumatology Revision | Customer Reviews

Dr Azhar Al Shaibany | Medical Registrar (IE)

“Thank you so much for great business. Please keep up the great work! I was so happy with my performance, which depended on your great resource. I just wanted to let you know that it's been great studying with you. You've been so helpful.”

24th Feb 2020 | Rheumatology SCE

Dr Abuelmagd Abdalla | Rheumatology SpR (IE)

“StudyPRN was very much a reflection of the actual exam format. I enjoyed the in-depth reading that the questions generated. I’m grateful to the question pool, which helped me pass on my first attempt.”

17th Feb 2020 | Rheumatology SCE