Rheumatology SCE

This online exam revision database of 436 multiple choice questions will enable you to prepare for the Specialty Certificate Exam (SCE) in Rheumatology.

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Resource Overview

The first and most extensive resource to provide you with a large database of questions to help you revise for the Specialty Certificate Exam in Rheumatology. The resource consists of specialist Rheumatology questions reflective of those that you would be likely to encounter in the exam.

New questions are added frequently to this expanding database and questions are reviewed regularly to ensure that they are contemporary with the exam and changes in guidance. The questions are written by experts with a track record in specialist training and an extensive publication record in the specialty. Whether you are revising for the exam, keen to test your knowledge or looking for specialist CPD, this resource delivers on all these challenges.

What does our StudyPRN Rheumatology SCE course cover?
The Entire SCE Syllabus including

  • Paediatric and adolescent rheumatology
  • Clinical science and pharmacology
  • Adult osteoarthritis/soft tissue/regional/widespread pain
  • Adult metabolic and bone disease
  • Adult inflammatory arthritis incl. crystal arthropathies
  • Adult infection, neoplasia and miscellaneous
  • Adult connective tissue disorders

What will you gain by taking our StudyPRN Rheumatology SCE course?
You'll learn the ins-and-outs of the exam and receive a full explanation and feedback on your answers.
The opportunity to practice and answer questions that reflect the exam itself.
The chance to review your performance and focus on your areas of weakness.

Customer Reviews

Excellent resource that is not available anywhere else - a must for revising for the specialty exam!

Lesley-Anne Bissell

A great resource. Couldn't have passed without it.

Maria Mouvis

Excellent set of questions. Helped me to familiarise with the exam format. It was useful to read around the topics after attempting the questions.

Sunil Melath

It was not possible to pass my exam without using this resource.

Irfan Khan


Pooja Gulati

Authors and Editors

Dr Rizwan Rajak, Consultant Rheumatologist

Contributing Authors
Dr Emyr Humphries, Consultant Rheumatologist
Dr Charlotte Rawlings, Consultant Rheumatologist
Dr Syed Farhan, Consultant Rheumatologist
Dr Julian Nash, Consultant Rheumatologist