European Exam in Core Cardiology

Online question bank and mock exam for the European Exam in Core Cardiology (formerly the EEGC exam), consisting of 572 cardiology questions, helping you prepare for the EECC exam.

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What is the European Exam in Core Cardiology (EECC)?

The European Exam in Core Cardiology (EECC) is designed to assess your knowledge of cardiovascular medicine and is a UK requirement for completion of training. The EECC is a collaborative effort of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), the Union of European Medical Specialists Cardiology Section (UEMS-CS), the participating National and Affiliated Cardiac Societies, and is supported by independent academic oversight.

Previously known as the KBA Cardiology and the ESC General Cardiology Exam / European Examination in General Cardiology (EEGC), the exam was renamed in June 2021 to the European Examination in Core Cardiology (EECC).

The purpose of the exam is to encourage trainees to acquire a wide range of knowledge and complement workplace-based assessments as part of their cardiology training programme.

The EECC helps in promoting best practices by testing evidence-based knowledge from current guidelines and published research aligned with the ESC Core Curriculum for the Cardiologist, published in 2020. This is aimed at facilitating progressive improvement and harmonisation of cardiology training and clinical practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recognised Training in Cardiology

You must have completed, or be in the process of completing, a recognised training programme in cardiology. The exact length of training may vary between countries.

General Medical Council (GMC) Registered

You must be in good standing with the relevant professional bodies in your country. In the UK, for example, you'd need to be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC).

Core Cardiology

It's strongly recommended that you have a solid understanding of core cardiology, as the exam is designed to test a wide range of knowledge and skills.

You can find the most recent requirements, updates, and other information on the official website of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC)

If you fail the Cardiology EECC, you can retake the exam in the next available session. It is essential to review your performance, identify areas for improvement, and invest more time in preparation before retaking the exam.

International Recognition

The EECC is endorsed by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), which gives it a high level of prestige and credibility. Passing the exam demonstrates that you possess a solid foundation in cardiology, which is recognised and respected by medical professionals across Europe.

Enhanced Employability

Having the EECC on your CV can make you more attractive to potential employers, both in the UK and across Europe. It shows that you have gone the extra mile to acquire knowledge and skills, which can be particularly beneficial when applying for positions in multinational institutions or organisations.

Professional Development

Preparing for the EECC requires you to stay updated with the latest research, guidelines, and best practices in cardiology. This commitment to continuous learning can help you provide better care for your patients and improve your overall clinical practice.

Networking Opportunities

When you prepare for the EECC, you may attend courses, workshops, and conferences where you can meet and interact with fellow cardiologists from across Europe. These connections can lead to valuable collaborations, knowledge sharing, and professional growth.

Personal Satisfaction

Successfully completing the EECC can be a source of personal pride and satisfaction. It demonstrates your commitment to excellence in your field and your dedication to staying current with the latest advancements in cardiology.

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Topics Covered in our Cardiology EECC Resource

For those preparing for the EECC exam, we strongly advise you to start by using our wide-ranging question bank. This helps you find your strong points and work on areas needing improvement before taking our mock exam.

By engaging with our online platform, potential candidates will acquire a comprehensive grasp of the exam's content and structure, pinpoint their strengths and areas for improvement, and augment their expertise and comprehension within the realm of EECC.

This online revision resource consists of 572 cardiology questions, including 100 MCQs assigned to our 3 hour mock exam. The EECC question bank, which we recommend you complete before attempting the mock exam, mirrors the ESC Core Curriculum for Cardiologists and is divided into the following topics:

Adult congenital heart disease

Ischaemic heart disease

Non-invasive investigation

Other general cardiology

Rhythm disorders

Valvular and myocardial disease

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