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FREE online exam revision resource consisting of 302 questions preparing you for the Medical Oncology Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE). Sponsored by Accord Healthcare.

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Our Medical Oncology SCE question bank is sponsored by Accord Healthcare, which provides you with free access to our online exam revision resource.

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302 Questions

Clinically-rich questions reflective of the exam blueprint and ‘best of five’ format. Feel confident with the exam's question types, style and difficulty.

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Topics Covered | Exam Preparation

This free Medical Oncology SCE revision resource is one of the most extensive online question banks available and allows you to study via categorised revision. The resource mirrors the MRCPUK's exam blueprint and is divided into the following topics:

Acute oncology

Breast cancer

Carcinoma of unknown origin

Cervical cancer

Clinical research, ethics and economics

CNS cancer

Colorectal and anal cancer

Endocrine cancer

Germ cell tumours

Head and neck cancer

Hepatobiliary cancer


Lung and thoracic cancer


Oesophagogastric cancer


Ovarian cancer

Professional skills

Prostate cancer

Renal cell cancer


Scientific basis of malignancy

Skin cancer

Standard operating procedures

Supportive therapies and palliative care

Systemic anticancer therapy

Urothelial cancer

Uterine cancer

Resource Editor

Dr Divyanshu Dua | Consultant Medical Oncologist

"StudyPRN is the best available resource with a comprehensive database of questions for those who are preparing for the SCE in Medical Oncology. The question database explores a broad range of questions covering various oncological subjects involving tumour biology, oncological conditions, diagnostic dilemma, investigations and management issues. This resource provides a valuable revision material for candidates. The explanations to the questions provide candidates with evidence-based resources for further learning."
Medical Oncology SCE | Resource Editor

Resource Authors

Dr Ajay Sudan Medical Oncologist

Dr Anna Oriani Medical Oncologist

Dr Diletta Bianchini Specialty Doctor (Medical Oncology)

Dr Savvas Argyridis Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist

Dr Jessica Sui Clinical Lecturer and Research Fellow (Palliative Medicine)

Dr Marina Milic Oncology Registrar

Dr Martha Castano Betancourt Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Nicolò Battisti Medical Oncology Registrar

Prof Steve Davies Acute Physician and Consultant Endocrinologist

Customer Reviews | Oncology Resource

Dominic Fernandes | Nurse/Midwife (GB)

“Very user friendly website compared to other sites that I have paid for and enrolled in the past. The exam pages have options to revise failed questions too.”

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22nd Nov 2020 | Medical Oncology SCE

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“I am extremely pleased to inform you that I have cleared the Medical Oncology SCE in my first attempt. I urge every aspirant to go through their study materials to ensure success.”

16th Oct 2020 | Medical Oncology SCE

Dr Naima Ikram | Hospital Doctor (GB)

“Excellent resource for the exam - cannot recommend enough!

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8th Aug 2020 | Medical Oncology SCE