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Our Dermatology SCE question bank is sponsored by Sanofi Genzyme, providing healthcare professionals with 3 months free access to our online exam revision resource.

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Overview | Dermatology SCE

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Clinically-rich questions reflective of the exam blueprint and ‘best of five’ format. Feel confident with the exam's question types, style and difficulty.

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Topics Covered | Exam Preparation

This is the most extensive online Dermatology SCE revision resource, and allows you to study via categorised revision. The resource mirrors the MRCPUK's exam blueprint and is divided into the following topics:

Cutaneous allergy


Dressings & wound care

Formulation & systemic therapy

General dermatology & dermatology in primary health care

Genito-urinary disorders and oral medicine

Infectious disease

Paediatrics & genetics



Skin biology & research

Skin oncology

Skin surgery and cosmetic dermatology

Editor | Dermatology SCE

Dr Bisma Khalid | Consultant Dermatologist

"This resource helped me a lot during my MRCP SCE Derm exam, so I’m honoured to give back through my dermatology knowledge and experience. I recommend you use the resource wisely, solve the questions repeatedly and read the explanations alongside the answers to clarify your doubts. Please also note that we’re open to feedback and will try to answer any queries you may have."
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Customer Reviews | Dermatology Resource

Dr Neha Bhardwaj | Hospital Doctor (IN)

“It has been a wonderful experience. I signed up for SCE Dermatology and I passed it with flying colors. The question bank is great and covers the entire syllabus thoroughly. They also provide references and if you go through them, there’s really nothing else left to study.”

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10th Dec 2020 | Dermatology SCE

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“The Dermatology SCE resource was extremely helpful and gave me the confidence to take the Dermatology SCE exam. I would highly recommend this resource to anyone thinking of writing this exam. Scored 5/5.”

21st Aug 2020 | Dermatology SCE