Medical Education
When and Where You Need It

StudyPRN provides healthcare professionals with accessible education when needed to continue to develop and advance their knowledge and skills, improving patient care and outcomes.

Our learning resources are split into two main areas

Exam Revision

Revise in your own time with our online exam revision section that is available online 24/7. Complete example questions with instant feedback, recommended reading and peer comparisons.

A specialty certificate exam is an important step in advancing your career as a specialist. Our expansive revision resource contains hundreds of specialty certificate exam example questions for:

Revise for the European Exam in General Cardiology (Formerly the KBA)

Revise for the AKT with MCQs and EMQs following the exam syllabus

Revise for the NMC Test of Competence for Nurses

CPD Resources

Continue your professional development at a time that suits you with our wide range of CPD courses available online. Many of our online CPD courses are free and all of our Continuing Professional Development modules are written and maintained by expert authors.

We offer online CPD courses targeted at healthcare professionals, in particular:

How can our revision platform help you?
Here's some of the main features and benefits of using our learning resources

Learning on the go with easy to use 24/7 access

Study wherever and whenever it suits you, with easy 24/7 online access via phone, tablet and computer. You can access both our online medical revision resources and CPD modules on any device.

Real life scenarios, typical of your practice

Expand your knowledge, skills and abilities with our exercises and questions that include relevant, real life examples that you can easily apply to your own practice.

Multiple choice clinically rich assessment questions

Courses are written and maintained by an expert board of internationally recognised education leaders. Our expansive resource of questions are reviewed regularly and revised to ensure questions are kept up to date and relevant.

Reflect and review while learning

Identify areas where you can improve your knowledge by using our advanced online system that provides instant feedback and allows you to make notes as you progress through each learning resource.

Compare your answers with other peer responses

While using one of our online CPD or SCE resources you will be able to see how other people have answered the question. This can help you to realise the areas you are strong and weak in compared to your peers.

Download CPD certificate

We make it easy for you to document your Continuing Professional Development points through the ability to see all modules you have completed within your account and you can even print a certificate for use in your annual appraisal.

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"I passed the exam and found using StudyPRN a really enjoyable and efficient way to revise. Would highly recommend."

Jennifer Hayes
Palliative Medicine SCE Resource

"Excellent resource. Helped me identify gaps in my knowledge, so that I could focus on my studying."

Ian Wallace
Diabetes & Endocrinology SCE Resource

"Excellent resource that is not available anywhere else - a must for revising for the specialty exam!"

Lesley-Anne Bissell
Rheumatology SCE Resource