Palliative Medicine SCE

This online exam revision resource of 445 multiple choice questions will help you prepare for the Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE) in Palliative Medicine.

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Resource Overview

The first and most extensive resource to be created to cover the Palliative Specialty Certificate Exam.

This resource is maintained to ensure that all material is contemporary and reflective of the exam itself. Questions have explanatory notes to help you appreciate answers and are linked to guidelines for further reading. Our extensive question bank covers the entire syllabus and has been written by experts in specialist training.

Whether you are a candidate for the exam, want to brush up on specialist knowledge or are looking to acquire CPD, this resource provides the ideal challenge.

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I passed the exam and found using StudyPRN a really enjoyable and efficient way to revise. Would highly recommend.

Jennifer Hayes

Excellent resource to assist in revising for exam.

Marianne Tinkler

Very helpful. I passed the exam!


Authors and Editors

Editor: Dr Dylan Harris

Contributing Authors:

  • Dr Dylan Harris, Consultant Palliative Care
  • Dr Margaret Presswood, Consultant Palliative Care
  • Dr James Grose, Consultant Palliative Care
  • Dr James Davies, Consultant Palliative Care