MRCP Specialty Certificate Examinations

SCE Exam Dates

Please see below the exam dates for all MRCP Specialty Certificate Examinations (SCEs) and the UK registration period for 2023/2024:

SpecialtyExam DateUK Registration Period
Acute Medicine SCE15th May 202421st February - 20th March 2024
Dermatology SCE10th October 202420th June - 18th July 2024
Endocrinology & Diabetes SCE12th June 202421st February 2024 - 20th March 2024
European Exam in Core Cardiology18th June 202426th February 2024
European Exam in Gastroenterology & Hepatology (ESEGH)3rd April 202413th December 2023 -10th January 2024
European Specialty Exam in Nephrology (ESENeph)22nd May 202431st January 2024 - 28th February 2024
Geriatric Medicine SCE10th July 202420th March 2024 - 17th April 2024
Medical Oncology SCE11th September 202422nd May 2024 - 19th June 2024
Neurology SCE17th July 202427th March 2024 - 24th April 2024
Palliative Medicine SCE15th May 202421st February - 20th March 2024
Respiratory Medicine SCE17th April 202427th December 2023 - 24th January 2024
Rheumatology SCE26th June 20246th March 2024 - 3rd April 2024

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