About Us

StudyPRN was launched by learna.ac.uk in 2014. Learna is a company that aims to enrich the lives and careers of international healthcare professionals by delivering high quality, flexible medical education online.

StudyPRN consists of numerous online resources that assist Healthcare Professionals in their preparation for challenging medical examinations, and aid their continuing professional development (CPD). Our resources are written, monitored and edited by a board of internationally recognised experts within medical education, who ensure all of our questions remain up-to-date with recent guidelines and are relevant to current practice.

Exam Revision

StudyPRN delivers online exam revision for all Specialty Certificate Examinations (SCEs) offered by the MRCPUK. These include the following specialties:

Our revision resources help final-year specialty registrars prepare for these challenging exams through the competition of high-quality MCQs, which mirror the style, format and level of difficulty as the real examinations. Our affordable and extensive question banks cover the entire MRCPUK exam blueprints, and are divided into specific topics that allow our users to study via categorised revision. This in turn enables candidates to identify their strengths and work on their areas for improvement before sitting their SCE exams.

In addition to our offerings in Specialty Certificate Examinations (SCEs), we have expanded our online revision resources for the following European Board examinations:

These resources are tailored to help candidates excel in their respective examinations by providing high-quality, up-to-date question banks that reflect the format and rigour of the actual exams.

In addition to our SCE and EBE revision, we provide revision resources for the MRCGP AKT; the European Examination in Core Cardiology (EECC); the NMC Test of Competence for Nurses CBT; and the NMC Test of Competence for Mental Health Nursing CBT.

CPD Courses

StudyPRN offers a vast catalogue of online medical CPD courses suitable for Healthcare Professionals. These courses contain a variety of individual modules, which are relevant to your specialty and tailored to your medical role:

All of our CPD courses are approved by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, and many of our CPD modules are accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. On successful completion of each individual module, you'll be awarded with a downloadable CPD Certificate to include in your annual CPD Portfolio.

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