About Us

StudyPRN was launched by learna.ac.uk in 2010. Learna is a company that aims to enrich the lives and careers of international healthcare professionals by delivering high quality, flexible medical education online.

StudyPRN consists of multiple resources that aid healthcare professionals in their preparation for challenging exams, and develop their continuing professional development (CPD). Our resources are written, edited and maintained by a board of internationally recognised experts within medical education, who ensure that our questions remain up-to-date and relevant to current practice.

Medical Exam Revision

StudyPRN delivers a variety of online medical exam revision resources to assist final year specialty registrars prepare for the Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE). These include the following specialties:

StudyPRN also provides medical exam revision for the MRCGP AKT exam, the European Exam in Core Cardiology (EECC), and the NMC Test of Competence for Nurses CBT.

Medical CPD Courses

In addition to exam revision, we offer a vast catalogue of online CPD courses aimed at healthcare professionals, some of which are completely free. These courses are separated into specialties and are tailored to your healthcare profession:

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