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MRCGP AKT Exam Revision

AKT Questions & Mock Exam

Be prepared for your AKT exam with our clinically rich 'single best answer' MCQs and EMQs, reflective of the MRCGP AKT curriculum.

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MRCGP AKT Preparation

The MRCGP exam consists of 3 parts: the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA), Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA), and Applied Knowledge Test (AKT). Our online revision resource, which consists of 1010 MCQs and EMQs, is designed specifically for the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) component of the MRCGP exam.

Suitable for GPs seeking MRCGP AKT exam revision and CPD points, this resource consists of both a question bank and timed mock exam, which will support your MRCGP AKT preparation.

The question bank, which we recommend you complete before attempting the mock exam, covers the entire MRCGP AKT curriculum and is divided into the following topics:

Eye problems

Genetics in primary care

Promoting health & preventing disease

Intellectual disability

Mental health problems

Administration, ethical & regulatory frameworks

Acutely ill people

Cardiovascular health

Children & young people

Digestive health

End-of-Life care

ENT, oral & facial problems


Research, statistics & epidemiology

Respiratory health

Sexual health

Skin problems

Women's health

Men’s health

Metabolic problems

Misuse of drugs & alcohol

Musculoskeletal problems

Neurological problems

Older adults

This categorised revision will enable you to identify your strengths and work on your areas of improvement before sitting the MRCGP AKT exam.

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"This revision resource offered by StudyPRN is written by clinicians with extensive experience in the primary care environment and provides an excellent platform for trainees looking to prepare for the MRCGP Applied Knowledge Test examination."

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