Written by expert authors with extensive experience in GP training, this online resource of 1,237 questions will prepare you for the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) of the MRCGP examination.

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MRCGP AKT | Resource Overview

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1,237 Questions

Clinically-rich questions reflective of the exam blueprint and ‘best of five’ format. Feel confident with the exam's question types, style and difficulty.

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Exam Preparation | Topics Covered

This online MRCGP AKT revision resource covers the entire AKT syllabus and is compiled to deliver a modern, compact and time-efficient revision package. The resource allows you to study via categorised revision and has therefore been divided into the following topics:

Administration, ethical and regulatory frameworks

Acutely ill people

Cardiovascular health

Children and young people

Digestive health

End-of-Life care

ENT, oral and facial problems

Eye problems

Genetics in primary care

Healthy people: promoting health and preventing disease

Intellectual disability

Mental health problems

Men’s health

Metabolic problems

Misuse of drugs and alcohol

Musculoskeletal problems

Neurological problems

Older adults


Research, statistics and epidemiology

Respiratory health

Sexual health

Skin problems

Women's health

Resource Editor

Dr Sam Rainsbury | General Practitioner

“The resources offered by StudyPRN are written by clinicians with extensive experience in the primary care environment and provide an excellent platform for a trainee to prepare for the Applied Knowledge Test examination.”
MRCGP AKT | Resource Editor

Resource Authors

Dr Aimee Billington BSc Hons, MBBS, DFFP, DRCOG, MRCGP, MSc


Dr Sujeewa Damayanthi MBBS, DFM, MD, MRCGP

Dr Seyed Fahim Moulana MBBS, MCFP, MRCGP, MRCP (SCE)

Dr Sam Rainsbury MBBS, BSc Hons, MRCGP, AICSM

Dr David Whitehead MA, BSC Hons, FAIA, FIFA, FIHM, FILM

Dr Fares Ftayeh MRCGP

Dr Hermann Grah MRCGP


Dr Mark McCartney General Practitioner

Dr Bran Anand GP Registrar