AKT Exam Feedback Report (January 2023)

The AKT exam took place on the 25th of January 2023, with a total of 1,864 candidates sitting the exam. This exam feedback report provides a summary of the January 2023 exam, including important statistics, areas of strength and difficulty for candidates, and advice for candidates looking to prepare for future AKT exams. If you would like to review other feedback reports for previous AKT examinations, please click on any of the below for more information:


The scores for this AKT exam ranged from 35 to 189 out of 200 questions, with a mean overall score of 144.64 marks (72.32%). The pass mark was set at 139, with 64.86% of all candidates passing this exam. The mean score for each of the three subject areas was a follows:

Areas of Strength

For the January 2023 AKT exam, candidates performed better than previous exams in questions that related to:

Areas of Difficulty

Improving Quality, Safety and Prescribing

GPs frequently prescribe numerous drugs to treat common, chronic ailments. In this AKT exam, inquiries pertaining to crucial side effects of certain medications were not satisfactorily addressed. Several resources are available for candidates to acquaint themselves with this field of expertise, including the introductory portions of British National Formulary (BNF) chapters.

The appropriate use of antimicrobial agents and the preservation of their efficacy in the future are essential priorities in the UK, referred to as antimicrobial stewardship. Despite clear recommendations in the guidelines regarding which agents should be employed, candidates encountered difficulties with queries concerning the usage of antibiotics for the treatment of routine clinical problems.

Children and Young People

During the AKT, candidates struggled to answer questions regarding the prescription of medications for some chronic conditions in children. This included doubts about whether the drugs utilised in adults were appropriate for children with the same ailment. It may be beneficial for candidates to review their daily prescribing habits of common drugs and establish which ones are suitable for routine prescribing to children and which ones are not.

It is critical for GPs to have a basic understanding of typical child development to be able to explain to parents what to anticipate from further evaluations and the probable outcomes. During the AKT, candidates found it difficult to identify abnormal child development.

People with Long-term Conditions including Cancer

During the AKT, candidates encountered challenges with scenarios or photographs where the accurate diagnosis was a form of cancer. It is crucial to have knowledge of less prevalent cancer presentations, such as those related to endocrine or systemic abnormalities. Uncommon skin lesions or rashes in the genital region may also be indicative of cancer, particularly if they have not responded to treatments used for more prevalent conditions.

Eyes and Vision

Candidates struggled with the diagnosis and treatment of typical eyelid issues, in addition to identifying appropriate self-management guidance.

Respiratory Health

Candidates should have extensive knowledge of prescribing for the stable management of common conditions, such as asthma, routine escalation of treatment, and the treatment of exacerbations. During the AKT, candidates encountered challenges in making appropriate prescribing decisions in this scenario.

Sexual Health

During the AKT, candidates faced difficulties with this subject. It is essential to regularly and meticulously review the guidelines provided by the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for any updates.

Exam Preparation

It is crucial for candidates to stay vigilant and scrutinise relevant guidance in their AKT exam preparation, which will help to improve their chance of success. The GP curriculum serves as a robust blueprint for exam readiness, and the knowledge and skills sections of each topic guide offer a valuable resource for those striving to make certain they've encompassed all critical topics. Additionally, regularly reviewing the scenarios in the AKT exam with caution and completing an online MRCGP AKT question bank and mock exam is highly recommended.