NMC Test of Competence for Mental Health Nurses CBT

NMC Test of Competence for Mental Health Nurses exam preparation, consisting of 651 practice questions, assisting your revision for the Mental Health Nursing CBT exam.

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What is the NMC Test of Competence for Mental Health Nurses CBT?

The NMC Test of Competence for Mental Health Nurses is an important assessment conducted by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the United Kingdom to ensure that nurses meet the required standards for safe and effective practice. In the field of mental health, where the NHS provides various services for people of all ages and backgrounds, mental health staff nurses play a vital role, working in hospitals, community clinics, and residential facilities.

The NMC Test of Competence for Nurses in Mental Health focuses on how well nurses can provide holistic care to people with different mental health challenges. It checks if they can give personalised support, consider patient preferences, and make sure patients' opinions are part of their care. The test also highlights the need for mental health staff nurses to be aware of different cultures and how they can affect mental health.

Our revision resource is a reliable and effective way to prepare for the test. Equipped with comprehensive test questions, our Mental Health CBT material will aid nurses in comprehending the format and tone of the actual test, providing them with the necessary skills to pass the exam and secure their position as registered nurses in the UK.

The Mental Health CBT serves as the path to fulfilling your nursing aspirations. By successfully passing this exam, nurses can register with the NMC and embark on new prospects, both domestically and globally. This opens doors for nursing professionals to advance their careers and make a positive impact on the lives of their patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Recognition

Successfully completing the Mental Health CBT demonstrates your competence and knowledge in mental health nursing. It serves as official recognition of your skills and expertise, enhancing your professional standing and credibility.

Career Advancement

Passing the test opens up opportunities for career advancement and progression. It can qualify you for mental health nursing roles in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, community mental health centres, and specialised units.

Registration as a Mental Health Nurse

Upon passing the Mental Health CBT, you become eligible to apply for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), which is essential for practising mental health nursing in the UK.

Global Mobility

The Mental Health CBT is recognised internationally, allowing you to showcase your skills and qualifications in mental health nursing beyond the UK. It can facilitate your mobility and employment opportunities in other countries that acknowledge the NMC standards.

Patient Care and Safety

The test ensures that mental health nurses possess the necessary knowledge and competencies to provide high-quality care to individuals with mental health conditions. By passing the test, you demonstrate your ability to deliver safe and effective care, promoting the well-being of your patients.


To practice as a registered nurse within the United Kingdom you must have a nursing qualification. If you have been registered within another country, the NMC will check with the regulator of that country to establish whether the course credentials meet the requirements to practise within the UK. If you have completed the course but have not registered, the NMC will take the steps above but will also ask the regulator if that course would meet the requirements to register within that country.


Nurses on the UK register are required to be in good health. Therefore, as part of your application, you will be asked to certify that you are of suitable health to practise safely. Additional information will be sought from a medical professional to verify any information provided regarding health conditions, this could include your Doctor or an Occupational Health professional.


Nurses are required to be of good character. The NMC defines this as an individual's conduct, behaviour and attitude, which indicates them to be honest and trustworthy. In assessing this, the NMC will request a police background check.

English Language Proficiency

You need to demonstrate a proficient level of English language skills. This may involve meeting the NMC's English language requirements, which could include passing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or an equivalent English language proficiency test.

To check your readiness to apply to the UK register, you will need to complete the pre-application checklist. Once those steps are completed and if a candidate is deemed eligible to join the UK register, they are then able to progress to the tests of competence which include the CBT exam and OSCE.

Yes, we suggest referring to the sources and reading materials listed below:


  • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing by Sheila L. Videbeck
  • Mental Health Nursing: Dimensions of Praxis by Karen-Leigh Edward et al.
  • The Art and Science of Mental Health Nursing by Ian Norman et al.
  • Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing by Elizabeth M. Varcarolis
  • Nursing Practice in Mental Health: An Evidence-Based Approach by Mary Chambers et al.
  • Psychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice by Mary Ann Boyd

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Topics Covered in our Mental Health Nursing CBT Revision Resource

Our online NMC CBT for Mental Health Nurses revision resource is split into 2 question banks that cover both Part A (Numeracy) and Part B (Clinical) of the NMC Mental Health CBT exam.

The Part B (Clinical) question bank mirrors the Test of Competence 2021: Mental Health Nursing Blueprint and is separated into the following 7 platforms:

Being an accountable professional

Promoting health and preventing ill health

Assessing needs and planning care

Providing and evaluating care

Leading and managing nursing care and working in teams

Improving safety and quality of care

Coordinating care

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