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What is the Acute Medicine SCE?

The Acute Medicine Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE) is an assessment designed to test the knowledge and skills of doctors who are interested in pursuing a career in acute medicine. The exam is developed and administered by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in the United Kingdom, and it covers a range of topics related to the diagnosis, management and treatment of acute medical conditions.

Our online study resource for the Acute Medicine SCE offers a reliable and efficient means for medical professionals to prepare for the examination. With an extensive selection of practice questions, our materials are designed to help you become familiar with the actual exam's structure, and provide you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to successfully pass the Acute Medicine SCE.

Attaining success in the Acute Medicine SCE is a critical step in showcasing your competence in this specific field. Once you pass the exam, you will have the opportunity to pursue new avenues within Acute Medicine, both in the UK and globally. This represents a valuable chance for healthcare professionals to advance their careers and make a significant impact on the lives of patients who require acute medical care.

Frequently Asked Questions

When applying for the SCE, it's usually expected that candidates are already in a recognised training position, although it's not always a strict requirement. The SCE is typically taken after completing basic medical training and being partially through speciality training. So, having finished basic training is really important to proceed with the examination.

Most doctors tend to take the SCE in their penultimate year of speciality training, indicating that a certain level of experience is necessary, although there are no specific guidelines on the matter. Additionally, candidates must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), the regulatory body responsible for doctors in the UK. The GMC ensures that doctors adhere to the prescribed standards of good medical practice, making GMC registration essential for SCE candidates.

Do bear in mind that these are general guidelines and actual eligibility criteria may vary. Always verify with the official JRCPTB website for the most up-to-date information.

Enhanced Credibility

Obtaining the Acute Medicine SCE demonstrates your comprehensive knowledge and skills in acute medicine. It establishes you as a competent and credible acute medicine specialist, which can help build trust with patients and colleagues alike.

Career Progression

Earning the Acute Medicine SCE can open up career advancement opportunities. With this certification, you may become eligible for more senior roles within the healthcare sector.

Improved Job Prospects

Having the Acute Medicine SCE on your CV will make you more attractive to potential employers. It can increase your chances of securing sought-after positions within both the public and private healthcare sectors in the UK and beyond.

Continuing Professional Development

Preparing for the Acute Medicine SCE requires staying up-to-date with the latest research, guidelines, and best practices in acute medicine. This commitment to lifelong learning ensures that you maintain a high standard of care for your patients.

Networking Opportunities

As you prepare for the Acute Medicine SCE, you may attend courses, workshops, and conferences where you can connect with fellow acute medicine specialists. These interactions can lead to valuable knowledge sharing, collaborations, and professional growth.

Increased Earning Potential

As a certified acute medicine specialist, you may be able to command a higher salary due to your advanced skills and knowledge. This can contribute to greater financial stability throughout your career.

Yes, we suggest referring to the sources and reading materials listed below:



  • Oxford Textbook of Medicine (Eds David A. Warrell, Timothy M. Cox, John D. Firth. Published by Oxford University Press)
  • Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine (Eds Punit Ramrakha, Kevin Moore, Amir Sam. Published by Oxford University Press)


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Topics Covered in our Revision Resource

The Specialty Certificate Examination in Acute Medicine is designed to test your knowledge as a Healthcare Professional, ensuring you have the capabilities to practice safely and competently as an Acute Consultant.

This Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) SCE revision resource is the most affordable and extensive of its kind, and is designed to help you prepare thoroughly for the challenging MRCP Acute Medicine SCE exam.

Our Acute Medicine SCE revision consists of 695 'single best answer' questions, including 100 MCQs assigned to our 3 hour mock exam. The question bank, which we recommend you complete before attempting the mock exam, mirrors the MRCP SCE Acute Medicine blueprint and is divided into the following topics:

Cancer and palliative care and haematology

Cardiovascular medicine

Clinical pharmacology and poisoning

Critical care medicine

Diabetes and endocrine medicine

Gastroenterology and hepatology

Infectious diseases

Medicine in the elderly

Musculoskeletal system

Neurology and ophthalmology

Renal medicine

Respiratory medicine


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