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What is the HERMES examination in Adult Respiratory Medicine?

The HERMES examination in Adult Respiratory Medicine is a standardised assessment developed to evaluate the expertise, abilities and proficiency of medical professionals in the realm of adult respiratory medicine.

The HERMES (Harmonising Education in Respiratory Medicine for European Specialists) examination in Adult Respiratory Medicine is a knowledge-based assessment organised by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) for European-level respiratory specialists. It is accredited by the European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP) and approved by UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists). It consists of 90 multiple-choice examination questions and is conducted in English over three hours. The examination is designed based on the consensus-based European syllabi in adult respiratory medicine published in the journal Breathe. The questions selected for the examination are mapped to the examination blueprint for adult respiratory medicine, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the required knowledge areas.

The main HERMES examination in adult respiratory medicine is now available online, with specific dates set for its conduct. The examination serves as a standard for knowledge assessment for respiratory specialists at a European level and is recognised worldwide within the profession.

Our study material is reliable and effective, offering comprehensive test questions that will help you understand the exam's format. With our help, you can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the HERMES exam with confidence.

Passing the HERMES exam is a significant achievement for respiratory medicine doctors, as it demonstrates their competency and can lead to certification in Europe. It is also recognised as a requirement for practising respiratory medicine in several European countries and by various international organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The eligibility requirements for the HERMES examination in Adult Respiratory Medicine are as follows:

  • Completion of Training: Candidates must have completed their training in respiratory medicine. This is typically proven by providing a certificate of completion of training in respiratory medicine or a document confirming the completion of specialist training issued by the national authority or the training institution.
  • Required Documentation: Candidates who are in the final year of their training in respiratory medicine are also eligible to sit the examination. Required documents include a letter from their head of department confirming their current position and the expected completion date of their training. Candidates should also be in good professional standing to take the exam.
  • European Respiratory Society (ERS) Membership Fees: An ERS membership benefit is that ERS member exam fees are lower in cost in contrast to the higher non-member fees for candidates.
  • Language (Delivered in English): Since the examination is conducted in English, candidates must have a sufficient understanding of the English language to comprehend and respond to the examination questions.

To apply for the HERMES exam in Adult Respiratory Medicine, follow these steps:

  • Confirm ERS Membership: It is beneficial to be a member of the European Respiratory Society.
  • Register Online: Use the ERS website to find the HERMES exam section, select the Adult Respiratory Medicine exam and complete the registration during the open period.
  • Gather Required Documents: Prepare necessary documents like your training completion proof or a department head letter if you're in your final training year.
  • Make Payment: Pay the exam fee as instructed during the online registration.
  • Await Confirmation: After applying and paying, you'll get a confirmation email with exam details.

Remember to check the ERS website for specific dates and ensure your documentation complies with their requirements to streamline your application process.

To prepare for the HERMES examination in Adult Respiratory Medicine, candidates can utilise several resources designed to support their study and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the field. Here's a summary of available materials and strategies for exam preparation:

  • ERS Learning Resources: The European Respiratory Society offers various learning materials, including ERS guidelines, ERS articles, the Virtual Academy of adult respiratory medicine and webinars that cover key topics in respiratory medicine. These resources are aligned with the European syllabus and can provide in-depth knowledge on specific subjects.
  • Self-Assessment Questions: The ERS provides self-assessment questions that mimic the actual exam format. Practising these questions can help candidates familiarise themselves with the type of questions they will encounter and assess their knowledge gaps.
  • Breathe Journal: This journal publishes articles and reviews that are relevant to the HERMES syllabus. Reading through these can offer insights into current best practices and recent developments in respiratory medicine.
  • HERMES Handbook: An ERS handbook is published for the Adult Respiratory Medicine examination, which includes the European syllabus, study tips and sample questions. This handbook is an essential guide for understanding the scope of the exam and organising your study plan.

By leveraging these resources, along with exam-specific guidebooks and mock tests, candidates can build a solid foundation in adult respiratory medicine and approach the HERMES examination with confidence. It's important to start preparing well in advance and adopt a consistent study routine to cover all topics comprehensively.

Upon completing the HERMES Adult Respiratory Exam, candidates will receive examination results after 4-6 weeks. A certificate of attendance, a certificate of CME credits, or the prestigious European Diploma certificate, is awarded depending on performance. In instances where a candidate disputes their results, an appeals procedure is available, ensuring that candidates have appeals rights to seek reassessment. This process underscores the exam's commitment to fairness and accuracy in evaluating the professional competencies of respiratory medicine specialists.

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Topics Covered in our HERMES Adult Respiratory Medicine Resource

This online HERMES Adult Respiratory Medicine revision is the most extensive and affordable resource of its kind. Consisting of 571 HERMES Adult Respiratory Medicine MCQs, our resource will ensure you’re thoroughly prepared for this challenging exam.

The HERMES Adult Respiratory Medicine question bank mirrors the topics covered in the actual exam:

Structure, function and physiology of the respiratory system

Pulmonary function testing, diagnostic approach and procedures.

General principles of treatment modalities and prevention measures

Respiratory emergencies, airway diseases, respiratory diseases and mycobacterial diseases

Thoracic tumours

Sleep and control of breathing disorders

Diffuse parenchymal lung diseases, pulmonary vascular diseases and respiratory failure

Diseases of the chest wall and respiratory muscles including the diaphragm

Pleural and mediastinal diseases (excluding tumours)

Respiratory consequences of systemic/extrapulmonary condition

Genetic disorders and occupational diseases

Epidemiology, environment and lifestyle

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