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FREE online Obesity CPD course consisting of 2 CPD modules testing your clinical knowledge. Receive a 1 hour CPD Certificate on successful completion of each module on this course. Sponsored by Novo Nordisk and accredited by WACS.

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Sponsored by Novo Nordisk | Accredited by WACS

This Obesity CPD course is sponsored by Novo Nordisk, providing healthcare professionals with 12 months free access to the 2 modules on our Obesity CPD course. Novo Nordisk has had no editorial control over the content of these CPD modules, and has reviewed the content for medical and factual accuracy only.

Our Obesity CPD course is also accredited by the Welsh Aesthetic & Cosmetic Society (WACS).

Obesity CPD | Course Overview

20 Questions

Consisting of 2 individual CPD modules challenging your clinical knowledge of obesity and improving your management skills.

Expert Authors

Each CPD module has been written by medical experts within the field of obesity, ensuring you receive the highest quality questions available.

Instant Feedback

Receive further reading and a full explanation of answers to ensure your knowledge and understanding is in line with current guidelines.

Compare Responses

View peer responses, reflect using our online notes system and benefit from unlimited resits to keep your clinical knowledge up-to-date.

24/7 Access

Learn around your busy schedule and access your modules whenever and wherever you’d like - all you need is an internet connection!

CPD Certificate

On successful completion of each individual module, you’ll be awarded with a downloadable 1 hour CPD Certificate to include in your portfolio.

Obesity CPD | Modules Covered

Our Obesity CPD course consists of the following 2 modules, which are designed to test your clinical knowledge and management of obesity and weight. Once you complete a module, and achieve the minimum pass rate of 60%, you'll be awarded with a downloadable 1 hour CPD Certificate to include in your annual CPD portfolio.

Both CPD modules listed below are entirely free to access for 12 months, owing to sponsorship Novo Nordisk.

CPD Certificate | Sample

Module Title & Completion Date

Accredited by learna.ac.uk

Rewarded on 60% Pass Mark

One Hour of CPD

One Year Validity

Downloadable PDF Certificate

Print or Upload to CPD Portfolio

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