Neuroendocrine Tumours CPD

NETs CPD course, consisting of 30 questions and awarding 2 hours of CPD on successful completion.

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Neuroendocrine Tumours CPD Overview

Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) can present with an array of clinical symptoms and so can present across a wide range of clinical specialists. It is increasingly appreciated within the healthcare community that improved education relating to NETs is required, yet educational resources are generally scant.

This online NETs CPD course contains 2 CPD modules on the following topics, which can be accessed individually:

The two modules combined consist of 30 'best of five' style multiple-choice questions based on typical clinical scenarios, which will relate to and test your knowledge of aspects of care such as diagnosis, investigation and management of NETs.

Once you successfully complete each individual module on the course, and achieve the minimum pass rate of 60%, you'll be awarded with a downloadable 1 hour CPD Certificate, which you can print or upload to your annual CPD Portfolio.

Aims & Objectives

On successful completion of both modules on the NETs CPD course, you'll have an improved understanding of:

The presentation and diagnosis of patient scenarios presenting with GI-related neuroendocrine tumours

The presentation and diagnosis of patients presenting with neuroendocrine tumours

The evaluation of the knowledge base relating to the management of patients with GI NETs

Dr Mohid Khan

Gastroenterology & Neuroendocrine Tumours Consultant

"The incidence of Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) has been increasing with a prevalence very surprising to most clinicians. Having developed services for patients in South Wales since 2017, we have seen that 90% of diagnosing clinicians are gastroenterologists and surgeons. Alongside improvement in quality of life and PROMs, we have seen a move towards earlier diagnosis in Wales. Following educational events to improve diagnosis and awareness, we thought an online module to cover common types of NETs and misconceptions would be useful for trainees, consultants and CNSs in surgical and medical specialities in addition to primary care. These excellent modules provide the foundation of knowledge required in general gastroenterology, surgery, primary care and other specialities. Based on evidence from teaching sessions, we know this knowledge will positively impact patient care and communication regardless of geography."

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Boosting Clinical Knowledge

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