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This free trial of our online Geriatric Medicine SCE revision resource is made up of 10 multiple choice questions selected from our full database.

Resource Overview

This free trial of our Geriatric Medicine SCE revision resource, consisting of 10 multiple choice questions, will provide you with an insight into our full revision resource of over 350 questions. These sample questions have been taken from the original resource, and will help you to prepare for the Geriatric Medicine Specialty Certificate Examination.

Resource Editor and Authors

Dr David Whitehead | Geriatrics Specialist

"The Geriatric Medicine SCE has been written by experienced Clinicians and Geriatricians to best reflect the broad and extensive breadth of knowledge required to pass the Geriatric medicine SCE. The question database is continually assessed to ensure that the knowledge is up to date with current clinical guidelines and we actively look to respond to the comments of our clientele."

- Geriatric Medicine SCE | Resource Editor

Contributing Authors

  • Dr David Whitehead Speciality Doctor General Medicine, Rehabilitation and Geriatrics (Cwm Taf University Health Board)

  • Dr Asangaedem Akpan Consultant Geriatrician and Honorary Clinical Lecturer

  • Dr Mohamed Hakim Consultant Geriatrician and Physician

  • Dr Marco Grech General Practitioner

  • Dr Wai Meng Yu Specialist Registrar in Geriatric Medicine

  • Dr Mohamed Hakim Consultant Geriatrician

  • Dr Dwaipayan Sen Consultant Stroke Physician (CCT in General Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Stroke Medicine)

Customer Reviews

“After purchasing the 3 month Geriatric Medicine SCE revision resource at the end of 2018, I passed the exam in Feb 2019.”

Dr Bilquis Fadel-Ahmed | Hospital Doctor (GB)