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This free trial of our online Endocrinology & Diabetes SCE revision resource is made up of 10 multiple choice questions selected from our full database of over 570 questions.

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This free trial of our Endocrinology and Diabetes SCE revision resource, consisting of 10 multiple choice questions, will provide you with an insight into our full revision resource of over 570 questions, helping you to prepare for the Endocrinology & Diabetes SCE SCE. Benefit from 24/7 online access, peer-review comparisons, and instant feedback on your answers.

Resource Editor and Authors

Dr Preethi Nalla | Consultant Diabetologist

“StudyPRN is a great resource for those who are preparing for the SCE exam in Endocrinology and Diabetes. There are a large number of questions covering a broad range of conditions, treatments and guidelines, and the questions are similar to the real exam.”

- Endocrinology & Diabetes SCE | Resource Editor

Contributing Authors

  • Prof Steve Davies Acute Physician and Endocrinologist

  • Prof Atul Kalhan Consultant Diabetologist and Physician

  • Dr Peter Taylor Consultant Acute Physician

  • Dr Preethi Nalla MBBS, MRCP, Consultant Diabetologist

  • Dr Amna Kiran Sarwar FCPS, MRCP (UK)

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“I recently used StudyPRN’s resource for specially certificate exam preparation. I have to admit the content was high quality and the best online resource for the SCE exam. Revision was easy and the website was easily accessible through mobile. I would highly rate StudyPRN for SCE exam preparation. It's a 5 star resource to pass the exam.”

Dr Jawad Bashir | Consultant Endocrinologist (GB)

“I am very pleased with StudyPRN overall. I am currently studying for the Endocrine and Diabetes SCE exam and there are many questions in the bank, all of which are in line with the latest guidelines. The resource is excellent, the teaching for each question is insightful. I have used StudyPRN for previous membership exams and it has always been a very informative and important exam tool. The StudyPRN team are also excellent and responsive to all queries. I highly recommend this for any doctors studying for the Endocrine and Diabetes SCE.”

Dr Jasmine Tharma | Hospital Doctor (GB)

"I was so much surprised when I attempted the SCE exam in Endocrinology and Diabetes as the questions were very much similar to those I read on StudyPRN. Bundle of thanks to my best ever study partner, StudyPRN."

Dr Amna Kiran Sarwar | Consultant Physician (PK)