Tumour Lysis Syndrome

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This RCGP accredited resource composed of 10 clinical cases, assesses the user’s knowledge of the advanced treatment of Tumour Lysis Syndrome.

Successful completion of the resource provides 1 hour of CPD delivered by Learna Ltd.


Resource Content

This resource is designed to test your knowledge on diagnosing and managing Tumour lysis syndrome. The questions are specifically designed for Haematology CNS nurses.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To understand the classification of tumour lysis syndrome.
  • To recognise who is at risk of tumour lysis syndrome.
  • To clarify the treatment options to prevent the formation of tumour lysis syndrome.
  • To consider the treatment options once a patient has developed tumour lysis syndrome.
  • To be familiar with the pharmaceutical treatments for tumour lysis syndrome.