Treatment of Eyelash Hypotrichosis

This resource, composed of 10 clinical cases, assesses your knowledge of eyelash hypotrichosis treatment. On successful completion, you'll receive one hour of CPD.


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Resource Overview

There is evidence indicating that eyelash length and thickness is a component of facial attractiveness. Eyelash hypotrichosis is a condition associated with poor eyelash length and thickness and can be due to problems such as eyelash trauma or associated with illnesses such as infection and endocrine disorders. Treating eyelash hypotrichosis is an emerging strategy in cosmetic practice that can easily help you develop your cosmetic practice. Prostaglandin analogues have emerged as an effective strategy for improved cosmetic appearance of eyelashes. This resource, composed of 10 multiple choice questions, is designed to assess your knowledge of this area and help you better understand the impact of treatment. Successfully complete the resource and gain 1 hour of CPD to add to your learning portfolio.

Aims and Objectives

These assessment questions will assess your knowledge of treating eyelash hypotrichosis. On completion of this resource the user should have an improved understanding of:

  • Pharmacological therapies employed in the treatment of eyelash hypotrichosis
  • The approach to treating hypotrichosis and the impact of therapy
  • Potential side effects to treatment