Smoking Cessation

This module will assess your approach to smoking cessation, and on successful completion of all 10 questions, you'll be awarded with an approved 1 Hour CPD Certificate by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

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Smoking Cessation | Module Overview

Smoking is a major risk factor associated with cancer and increased cardiovascular disease. Although the prevalence of smoking is declining within the Western world, the diseases associated with it continue to be a major health issue to the country. Consequently, asking patients about their smoking status and offering advice on stopping smoking is a significant component of the General Medical Services (GMS) contract.

Much emphasis is placed upon helping patients stop smoking with the establishment of smoking cessation services in the community, practice and pharmacy. Decades ago individuals who sought help with smoking cessation relied on willpower alone. However, recent therapeutic developments have equipped healthcare professionals with drug therapies to complement traditional strategies and enable more people to stop smoking.

This module, composed of 10 assessment questions, is based around typical clinical scenarios familiar to you in your practice, and will test your knowledge of the issues of smoking cessation. Once you successfully complete the module — and achieve the minimum pass rate of 60% — you'll be awarded with a downloadable 1 hour CPD Certificate, which you can print or upload to your CPD Portfolio.

Aims & Objectives

On completion of this module, you will be able to:

Describe some of the major concerns that women and men have about quitting smoking

Describe an approach to discussing the long-term negative effects of smoking with young males and females who are focused only on the short-term positive associations with smoking tobacco

Identify and analyse social factors influencing smoking rates to increase among young people

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