Psoriasis for General Practitioners

Sponsored by: Eli Lilly UK and Company Limited

This RCGP accredited resource, composed of 10 clinical cases, assesses the user’s knowledge and understanding of Psoriasis.

Successful completion of the resource provides 1 hour of CPD delivered by Learna Ltd.

Resource Content

This resource is designed to test your knowledge on Psoriasis.

Aims and objectives

On completion of this resource, you should be able:

  • To identify subtypes of psoriasis and their treatment.
  • To assess impact of psoriasis e.g. disease severity and psychological/social impact using validated tools eg PASI, DLQI, Physician’s Global Assessment and PEST score.
  • To appreciate the association of psoriasis with other conditions e.g. arthritis, cardiovascular disease, alcohol dependence and depression.
  • To understand the indications for specialist referral of psoriasis e.g. diagnostic uncertainty, severity (>10% BSA), failure of topical agents, guttate pattern, and severe impact on physical, psychological and social well being.
  • To recognise that generalised pustular psoriasis and erythroderma are skin emergencies and must be referred urgently for same-day specialist assessment.
  • To understand the risks and benefits of the most commonly used systemic therapies (methotrexate, ciclosporin, acitretin), their contra-indications and the need for monitoring.
  • To understand the role of biologic treatments in the control of psoriasis and to have an understanding of the potential risks in this patient group.

Date of publish: 30/3/2017

Sponsored by Eli Lilly UK and Company Limited