Obesity & Weight Management in Aesthetic Practice

Develop your understanding of weight management in aesthetic practice and receive a 1 Hour CPD Certificate on successful completion of this Cosmetic CPD module.

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Obesity & Weight Management in Aesthetic CPD module

Obesity is a global pandemic, affecting up to 70% of the population in developed nations. As healthcare professionals, we understand the severe health and financial consequences associated with obesity, from cardiovascular disease to diabetes and cancer. The alarming rise in obesity rates has also led to an increase in global diabetes cases, putting an enormous strain on national healthcare budgets.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the critical link between obesity and poorer health outcomes. While studies indicate that lifestyle interventions can be effective in weight management, many patients face significant challenges.

Why Choose Our Obesity & Weight Management in Aesthetic Practice CPD Module?

Stay up-to-date with the latest clinical publications and evidence-based approaches to weight management. Gain the confidence to provide patients with informed guidance and support.

Upon successful completion of the module, with a minimum pass rate of 60%, you'll receive a prestigious 1-hour CPD Certificate.

Aims & Objectives

This module consists of 10 assessment questions that are designed to develop an understanding of weight management in the context of aesthetic medicine. The aims and objectives of the module are to:

Develop and assess knowledge of attraction and health in relation to body composition

Develop an understanding of assessing body composition

Understand the role of evidence-based lifestyle interventions on weight management

Explore and evaluate the role of medical therapies to effect weight loss

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