Managing Antimicrobial Resistance

This resource, composed of a 30 minute video delivered by Dr Owen Seddon (Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology), will assess your knowledge of managing antimicrobial resistance. On successful completion of this resource, you'll receive one hour of CPD.


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Resource Content

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is listed as one of the World Health Organization’s top 10 global threats to public health. Conservative estimates place the number of deaths attributable to AMR at 700,000 per year worldwide, including deaths from drug-resistant tuberculosis, HIV, malaria and bacterial infections. Without immediate action, this number is predicted to rise to over 10,000,000, with the greatest consequence being felt in low-income countries. Antibiotic resistance will jeopardise not only the treatment of infection, but the safety of routine medical procedures which rely on effective antibiotics as prophylaxis, including chemotherapy and routine surgery. Combatting AMR requires solutions on individual, local, national and international levels. This lecture covers the main aspects of resistance and antimicrobial stewardship.

Aims and Objectives

On completion of this resource, you should have an improved understanding of:

  • The threat of AMR in both current practice and the future
  • The role of non-antibiotic interventions in combating AMR
  • The concept of antimicrobial stewardship
  • Principles applicable to your own practice which will help combat the development of AMR