Antimicrobial Resistance

This module consists of a 30-minute talk by Dr Owen Seddon (Infectious Diseases & Microbiology Consultant) and 5 MCQs on antimicrobial resistance. Successfully complete the module to receive 1 CPD Hour.

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Antimicrobial Resistance CPD Module

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has emerged as a formidable threat, ranked among the World Health Organisation's top 10 global challenges to public health. The urgency to address this issue cannot be overstated, as AMR-related deaths already account for approximately 700,000 lives lost annually across the globe. Shockingly, this toll encompasses not only drug-resistant tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, and bacterial infections but also extends its reach to compromise the efficacy of routine medical procedures.

Why Choose Our Antimicrobial Resistance CPD Module?

Our comprehensive CPD module on Antimicrobial Resistance, meticulously crafted by Dr Owen Seddon, a distinguished Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, equips you with the knowledge to comprehend the intricacies of resistance mechanisms and antimicrobial stewardship. This 30-minute lecture is a succinct yet in-depth exploration of the subject, augmented by five thought-provoking multiple-choice questions that reinforce your understanding.

The enormity of the challenge demands a multi-faceted approach, from individual to international levels. By participating in this CPD module, you're not only enhancing your personal knowledge but also contributing to the collective effort to curb AMR. With the invaluable insights gained from this module, you'll be better equipped to implement responsible antimicrobial stewardship practices in your clinical setting.

Upon completion of the course and achieving the commendable pass rate of 60%, you'll be duly rewarded with a downloadable 1-hour CPD Certificate. This tangible recognition not only validates your commitment to professional growth but also serves as a testament to your dedication to patient welfare.

Aims & Objectives

On completion of this module, you will have an improved understanding of the following:

Threat of AMR in both current practice and the future

Role of non-antibiotic interventions in combating AMR

Concept of antimicrobial stewardship

Principles applicable to your own practice which will help combat the development of AMR

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