Assessment and Management of Familial Hyperlipidaemia

Sponsored by: Amgen

This resource composed of 10 clinical cases, assesses the user’s knowledge and understanding on the assessment and management of Familial Hyperlipidaemia.

Successful completion of the resource provides 1 hour of CPD delivered by Learna Ltd.

Resource Content

This resource is designed to test your knowledge on Assessment and Management of Familial Hyperlipidaemia. The questions are specifically designed for GPs and doctors in training.

Aims and Objectives:

On completion of this resource, you should have an improved understanding of:

  • the differential diagnosis of inherited lipid disorders;
  • how inherited lipid disorders may present and be managed;
  • the value of cascade testing to identify family members at risk of familial hypercholesterolaemia;
  • assessment of familial hypercholesterolaemia in children.


Author: Dr Dev Datta
Date of publish: 14/4/2015
Amgen have sponsored the creation of this module via an educational grant and have reviewed the final version for compliance and accuracy purposes only, with no editorial control or input into content.