Dose Calculations for Oral Therapies in Clinical Practice

This resource, composed of 10 clinical cases, assesses your knowledge of dose calculations for oral therapies in clinical practice. On successful completion, you'll receive one hour of CPD.


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Resource Introduction

Errors in dosing form one of the leading preventable causes of drug adverse events. Admissions due to adverse events have been found to be 2-3%, and of these roughly 50% of the admissions were as a consequence of errors in prescribing. Thus, as a prescriber, it is particularly important to be knowledgeable about the drugs that one prescribes and be accurate regarding dosing. This module, composed of 10 assessment questions, assesses the individual’s ability to undertake straightforward calculations in commonly encountered clinical scenarios.

As a prescriber, one is also expected to demonstrate evidence, at appraisal and for revalidation, that one remains contemporary with the requirements of prescribing. This module enables the user to demonstrate skills in dose calculations that are an integral component of safe prescribing.

Aims and Objectives

  • Improve knowledge regarding drug calculations in commonly encountered clinical scenarios
  • Familiarise the individual with the importance of cross-checking dosing calculations
  • Make individuals aware of the serious adverse events that can occur as a consequence of inaccurate dosing