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This free trial of our online Dermatology SCE revision resource is made up of 9 multiple choice questions selected from our full database.

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This free trial of our Dermatology SCE revision resource, consisting of 9 multiple choice questions, will provide you with an insight into our full revision resource of over 400 questions, helping you to prepare for the Dermatology SCE. Benefit from 24/7 online access, peer-review comparisons, and instant feedback on your answers.

Resource Editor and Authors

Dr Bisma Khalid | Consultant Dermatologist

“This resource helped me a lot during my MRCP SCE Derm exam, so I’m honoured to give back through my dermatology knowledge and experience. I recommend you use the resource wisely, solve the questions repeatedly and read the explanations alongside the answers to clarify your doubts. Please also note that we’re open to feedback and will try to answer any queries you may have.”

- Dermatology SCE | Resource Editor

Contributing Authors

  • Dr Rachel Abbott BMedSci(Hons) MBBS MRCP (Dermatology)

  • Dr R Y Prasad Hunasehally MBBS, MRCP (Dermatology)

  • Dr Deana Al Ismail MRCP (UK)

  • Dr Wisam Alwan MBBS BSc (St. George's, University of London), MRCP (Dermatology)

  • Dr Sandeep Kamath MBBS, DipDVL (Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore), MRCP (UK)

  • Dr Samantha Keegan MB BChir (Cambridge University), MA (Cambridge University), MRCP (UK), MRCP Derm (UK)

  • Dr Vincent Li MBChB (University of Birmingham), MRCP (UK)

  • Dr Elin Owen

  • Dr Pushplata Srivastava MBBS

  • Dr Thomas Tull MRCP

  • Dr Sairan Whitaker MBChB (Leeds University), MRCP (UK)

  • Dr Thomas King MBChB MRCP (UK)

  • Dr Deepa Mohan Lal Hemnani Assistant Professor in Dermatology, Karachi

  • Dr Amna Kiran Sarwar MRCP (UK)

Customer Reviews

“I used the resource to prepare for MRCP Dermatology SCE exam and found it very useful. It actually helped me pass and get a good score, with detailed explanation of answers. I've referred the resource to many of my friends planning to take that exam, so hopefully they’ll be using it too."

Dr Bisma Kamran | Consultant Dermatologist (PK)

“StudyPRN was my go-to resource for the Dermatology SCE. It consists of precise, high yielding topics and explanations with updated MCQs to ensure you’ll ace the exam!”

Dr Saman Urooj Ismail | Hospital Doctor (PK)

“At first I was looking for some source to help for MRCPUK Dermatology. But now, I’m so grateful for StudyPRN Dermatology revision, who prepared questions on medical challenges that are very helpful. Also in my Clinical Practice, I'm doing better for my patients.”

Dr Ali Roshan | Dermatology Clinician (IR)

“An excellent compilation of questions and detailed answers. Most similar to the exam format out of resources used. Many thanks.”

Dr Mariam Balogun | Hospital Doctor (GB)