COVID-19: Aspects of Patient Management

This resource, consisting of 10 'best of five' style questions, will assess your approach to COVID-19 patient management both in and out of hospital. You'll receive 1 hour of CPD on successful completion of this resource.
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Resource Overview

The management of COVID-19 is fraught with difficulties and we continue to learn how best to manage cases from the emerging literature. Similarly, some aspects of management are contentious in the absence of evidence relating to therapeutic strategies such as hydroxychloroquine, ritonavir/lopinavir etc. This resource is therefore designed to draw upon the relevant published literature and guidance relating to case identification and management strategies. As before, the cases illustrate knowledge up to the time of writing and, we fully expect that this knowledge will change and adapt as science becomes more familiar with the management of the condition.

Aims and Objectives

  • Appreciate the presenting features of COVID-19 infection and the severity of symptoms/signs
  • Understand the issues relating to resuscitation of patients with COVID-19 infection
  • Appreciate palliative management strategies in patients with COVID-19 infection