Evidence Relating to the Management of COVID-19

This resource, consisting of 10 questions, will assess your knowledge of the evidence relating to COVID-19 management. You'll receive 1 hour of CPD on successful completion of this resource.

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Resource Overview

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our knowledge regarding the management of the condition has improved as a consequence of many clinical trials. This module brings together much of the most recent published data relating to studies of treatments in COVID-19.

The module, which consists of 10 multiple-choice questions, will assess your knowledge on the interpretation of this data, as well as the synthesis of this evidence into clinical scenarios.

Once you complete all 10 self-assessment questions - and achieve the minimum pass rate of 60% - you will be awarded with a downloadable CPD Certificate, which you can print or upload to your CPD Portfolio.

Aims and Objectives

On successful completion of this CPD module, you will have an improved understanding of:

  • The publications relating to the management of COVID-19
  • Interpreting evidence into the clinical management of patients with COVID-19

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