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Our free COVID-19 CPD course consists of 4 modules designed to test your current knowledge and management of coronavirus. Successfully complete all modules on this course to receive 4 CPD Hours.

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COVID-19 CPD | Course Overview

2020 witnessed the evolution of the first pandemic for generations and the most serious since the Flu pandemic of 1918. The novel coronavirus outbreak has exposed the vulnerabilities of a globally interconnected population with the menacing threat of a novel pathogenic virus. In the absence of treatments or vaccines, 21st Century humankind has relied on stringent social isolation and hand-washing to combat the infection. Whilst the global spread of the virus has been swift, the response of science has also been swift and importantly, concerted. Since the original case of 30th December 2019, scores of high-quality articles have been published enabling the medical community to understand an illness that months previously we didn’t even recognise.

The 4 individual modules are composed of 10 ‘best-of-five style’ questions and are designed to assess your current knowledge of the condition and management strategies. On successful completion of each module, you will be awarded with a downloadable 1 hour CPD Certificate.

Whilst the questions are based on current published knowledge, we recognise that this is a swiftly developing picture, therefore, answers and current thinking might change. Similarly, ‘evidence’ is also emerging and many of the publications would, with application of levels of evidence, not be considered authoritative. With this in mind, we hope to continue to update these questions as knowledge progresses.

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