Common ENT Problems

This RCGP accredited resource, composed of 10 clinical cases, assesses the user’s knowledge on the diagnosis and treatment of ENT conditions.

Successful completion of the resource provides 1 hour of CPD delivered by Learna Ltd.


Resource content

Ear Nose and Throat problems such as nose bleeds, tonsillitis, sore throat and earache are common presenting symptoms in primary care. This resource is designed to assess your knowledge regarding common ENT problems.

Aims and objectives

On completion of this resource, you should be able:

  • To become familiar with important ENT clinical anatomical landmarks.
  • To acquire sufficient knowledge of ENT conditions in order to recognize common problems and their management.
  • To know how to prioritize and when to refer.
  • To be able to recognise and name important ear, nose and throat anatomical landmarks.
  • To learn the symptoms and signs of common ENT conditions.
  • To understand the medical and surgical treatment of common ENT conditions.
  • To be familiar with common ENT medications and their side effects.
  • To be able to refer and prioritize patients appropriately.