This resource, composed of 9 clinical cases, assesses your knowledge of the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of anaphylaxis. On successful completion of this resource, you'll be provided with one hour of CPD.


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Resource Overview

Anaphylaxis is a relatively uncommon but serious allergic condition, with which all healthcare professionals should be familiar with in order for them to know how to give appropriate and often life-saving treatment.

This resource, composed of 9 self-assessment questions, is based on typical clinical scenarios. Complete the questions and reflect on your answers to obtain a certificate for one hour of CPD, which you can include in your portfolio.

Aims and Objectives

On completion of this resource, you should have increased your knowledge of:

  • The differential diagnosis, diagnosis and investigation of anaphylaxis
  • The emergency treatment of patients presenting with anaphylaxis according to current guidance
  • The appropriate care pathways for patients presenting to the general clinician with anaphylaxis
  • Education of patients with anaphylaxis regarding avoidance and self-management using devices such as the adrenaline auto-injector

Reviewing Author: Dr Johanna Havercroft

Reviewing Editor: Dr Paul Foster