Ageing Skin & Hair

Assess your knowledge of ageing skin and hair with this module, taken from our primary Cosmetic Medicine CPD. On successful completion of all 10 questions, you'll be awarded with a 1 Hour CPD Certificate.

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Ageing Skin and Hair CPD Module

The skin, the body's largest organ, serves as a vital protective barrier and reflects the passage of time through various changes. The intricacies of ageing effects on the skin and hair are unmistakably evident, encompassing the emergence of wrinkles, diminished thickness, heightened pigmentation, and increased laxity.

The profound impact of ageing on the skin is notably hastened by two predominant factors: the detrimental effects of UV exposure, which accelerates photodamage, and the intricate interplay of hormonal shifts. Within this dynamic, the art and science of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic interventions play a pivotal role in seeking to restore and rejuvenate the skin's vitality.

Why Choose Our Ageing Skin and Hair CPD Module?

The meticulously crafted module, consisting of 10 thought-provoking multiple-choice questions, serves as an invaluable tool to assess and elevate your expertise in comprehending the anatomical and physiological metamorphosis that the skin and hair undergo during the ageing journey. Furthermore, this module facilitates the grasp of how hormonal changes intricately intersect with these processes, subsequently influencing interventions and outcomes. The importance of discerning gender-related distinctions in facial attributes is thoughtfully included, as this knowledge directly informs tailored therapeutic strategies for optimal results.

Upon completion of the module, accompanied by attaining a minimum pass rate of 60%, you will earn a prestigious 1-hour Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate. This accolade stands as a tangible testament to your commitment to ongoing learning. The downloadable certificate serves as a noteworthy inclusion for your annual appraisal and a compelling endorsement of your continuous growth.

Aims & Objectives

On completion of this module, you will gain an improved understanding of:

Pathological changes in facial skin associated with ageing

Changes in facial characteristics between males and females

Changes in hormones associated with ageing and the impact of interventions upon the skin

Hirsutism and hair loss and potential aesthetic treatments available

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