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This module will assess your knowledge of the advanced treatment of acne, and on successful completion of all 10 questions, you'll be awarded with a one hour CPD Certificate.

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Resource Overview

Acne is a common skin condition, which mainly affects people in their teenage years and usually resolves in adulthood. The peak in prevalence and severity is between 14 - 17 in girls and 16 - 19 in boys. The earlier onset in girls would fit with the earlier onset of puberty.

Many factors coexist to bring about acne. These include increased sebum production, the formation of comedones, colonisation and growth of Proprionobacterium acnes and inflammation. Although even severe acne in adolescence is likely to resolve in adulthood, early treatment can prevent some of the long term effects such as disfiguring scar formation.

Once you complete the resource - and achieve the minimum pass rate of 60% - you'll be awarded with a downloadable one hour CPD Certificate, which you can print or upload to your CPD Portfolio.

Aims and Objectives

This module is composed of 10 assessment questions on the advanced treatment of acne. On successful completion of this resource, you will have an improved understanding of:

  • Pathogenesis of acne vulgaris
  • How to recognise severity of acne vulgaris
  • Treatment of acne vulgaris and how to relate this to severity
  • How to best use secondary referral services

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