Free CPD

Why many of our CPD modules are free

Sponsored Resources

Study PRN is able to offer many of their CPD courses for free through sponsorship from third parties. You will be able to see who is sponsoring a module by clicking on the link next to “Funded by:” at the top of the CPD module page. Where a course is not sponsored by a third party there is a small fee to cover the ongoing costs of running the CPD module. This fee enables us to maintain the quality and relevance of the courses we offer on this website.

We Maintain Independence

We maintain a wall of independence between the content on our site and our sponsors. This means our sponsors cannot influence the questions on the CPD module or its quality. This is important to us as we want to ensure that all CPD modules available on this site are to the highest standards.

Quality of Resources

All CPD modules undergo a quality review process to ensure the content we provide is to the highest standards. Our vast library of CPD modules is then organised into categories based on professions; enabling our visitors to easily access CPD that relates to their sector.

Our questions are constantly being reviewed and updated by our expert authors to ensure the questions are relevant and up to date.

Our Free CPD courses

Here is a list of all of the CPD modules we are able to offer for free through funding from sponsors.