Mastering Obesity Management: The Ultimate Masterclass for Healthcare Professionals


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1.Unveiling the Masterclass: A Glimpse into the Programme
2.Why Choose Learna?
3.Enrol Today: Mastering Obesity Management

In a world where obesity has reached pandemic proportions and is closely linked to serious health conditions such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer, staying updated on the latest evidence-based approaches to obesity management is not just important – it's essential. Enter the Obesity & Weight Management Masterclass offered by Learna, a comprehensive online programme that equips healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively combat this global health crisis.


1. Unveiling the Masterclass: A Glimpse into the Programme

Obesity isn't merely a cosmetic concern; it's a complex medical condition that demands a comprehensive understanding of its underlying mechanisms and effective management strategies. The Obesity & Weight Management Masterclass is a 6-week online course designed to provide healthcare professionals with a deep dive into the intricacies of obesity, its epidemiology, associated comorbidities and evidence-based interventions.

Accreditations and Recognition:
Endorsed by DiabetesUK Cymru, approved for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the United Kingdom and SCOPE (Specialist Certification of Obesity Professional Education) accredited, this masterclass assures participants of its high quality and relevance. Successful completion of the end-of-course examination not only grants participants 8 SCOPE Points contributing to SCOPE Certification, but also awards them a prestigious 60-Hour CPD Certificate from

Curriculum Highlights:
The masterclass spans six weeks, each dedicated to a crucial aspect of obesity and weight management. Participants can expect to delve into topics such as the pathophysiology of obesity, its epidemiology and comorbidities, evidence-based lifestyle interventions, weight management treatments, criteria and evidence base for bariatric surgical interventions and more.

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Learning Experience:
Unlike traditional learning formats, this masterclass adopts an innovative approach that blends convenience with educational effectiveness. Participants will engage in weekly webinars and videos that break down complex concepts into digestible insights. The course's online platform, Moodle, managed by expert tutors, allows for flexible learning that accommodates individual schedules. This flexibility ensures that professionals can balance their ongoing commitments while enhancing their expertise.

Interactive Engagement:
Learning doesn't stop at lectures. Through case discussion forums, participants can engage in meaningful conversations with peers, applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. A reading list comprising the latest publications and guidance empowers participants to stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving field.

Assessment and Certification:
The culmination of the masterclass is an end-of-course examination that evaluates participants' grasp of the material. In this 1-hour, 30 multiple-choice question exam, a passing grade of 50% or more secures the coveted 60-hour CPD Certificate from For those who don't meet the threshold, a second attempt is available.

2. Why Choose Learna?

Flexible Online Learning: The online format ensures learning fits into your schedule, giving you the freedom to study at your convenience.

Condensed Expertise: The masterclass condenses essential knowledge into 6 weeks, delivering practical insights that bridge the gap between evidence and clinical practice.

Expert Guidance: Learn from field-leading experts who are authorities in their specialties, gaining insights that are both cutting-edge and clinically relevant.

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3. Enrol Today: Mastering Obesity Management

Obesity's complex challenges require sophisticated solutions. The Obesity & Weight Management Masterclass by Learna equips healthcare professionals with the tools needed to address this global health crisis effectively. Enrol today and take a step towards mastering obesity management – a skill that can transform lives and build healthier communities.

Price: £600
Next Intake Date: 5th February 2024
Duration: 6 Weeks

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your clinical knowledge and make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by obesity. Apply Now and be a part of the solution.

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